CONJENCTURE: This is a continuation of a previous theory. Also, start acting mature or I'm leaving.

Theory #8: The Radio Tells All

Fifth Transmission, fifth dissection.

This transmission takes place in an all-white room, with the following suits situated from left to right: The Face, Disembodied (No eyelids), Suicide Mouse (Coloration and pose), Daisy Duck (Eyelids), and, last and (sadly) least, Oswald. Also, from 0:06 to 0:12 (and again from 0:39 to 0:46), a pair of eyes from the fourth Transmission appear. However, this is not the only other party guest; God appears from 0:32 to 0:34, and then again (dominating the video in the process) starting from 0:47 until the end of the video. Also, Mickey appears at 0:24-0:26, similarly to how he appeared in the fourth transmission.

The Transmission chronicles a conversation. It goes as follows:

Disembodied (0:00-0:02): Static (Hello. Note: Situational interpretation.)

Slester: Did you hear? Did you hear we have a new-

Disembodied: Short burst of static (Yes.)

Slester: This is going to be fun!

Oswald: Do you think God knows?

God (Extremely quietly) Yes.

The Face: His eyes...

Daisy Duck: Think he will? Like the last? (Note: See previous note. Based on lack of Photo-Negative Minnie.)

The Face: I like his eyes...

Slester (Joyfully and excitedly): Hee Hee Hee! He found the cabin, he found the cabin! He hee he! *Voice deepens several octaves* Let's watch him.

God (as she is seen hanging): *Emits Jumpscare Scream*

So what have we found? Here's a list:

1. Henry found a cabin (and so will we), and he met a terrible fate (presumably at Slester's hands, based on his excitement).

2. The Face likes stealing people's eyes and taking them for his own.

3. God's jumpscare is...her suicide? Darn, Suicide Mouse must be powerful, that's, what, his second victim in a week? Impressive.

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