Once a suit called Oswald was behind boxes and always was like that how ever today something different happened...

Oswald:the usual day God? God? God? Sigh no reply as always.

Goofy:Hear me...

Oswald:H-h-hello?? (breaths fast.)

Goofy: I called for help but you didn't listen.

Oswald:Better check what is happening Bless your soul Don't bless this one.

Goofy: Who is there?

Photo-Negitive Mickey: Wanna see my head come off

Goofy: Don't have my head!

Oswald: Is that...who is he?

Photo-Negitive Mickey: hey (1)

Oswald: I hate you Photo-Negitive Mickey Your the reason wh-

Goofy: why are you being mean to my friend?


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