As most have heard, we are getting claims of stealing from FNAF wiki. Although I admit that we have some of the FNAF wiki's content, we NEVER used it with any form malicious intent. Even though many people believe that we are an evil clone and copy wiki, we never meant for this to get out of hand as much as it did. This was all made for fun and simply to make a wiki for our game. We are currently fixing up our wiki so it doesn't seem as much of a clone as it was.

And to address some spam that has been posted onto Tobias's wall, any mention of us stealing from FNAF wiki or any spam on the wall of users will earn you a week block. I have seen how far this has gone, and I am not afraid to take action against spammers.

Also, about the people spamming Tobias' wall, he is on a month vacation from what I know. So in the words of a certain silver colored hedgehog, "It's no use".

~ ClockworkSpirit2343

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