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  • I live in idontufkicngknkwo??
  • I was born on August 10
  • My occupation is Sp00KIEs
  • I am spooky secret m8 decode dis if you wanna know. женщина
  • ChubbyDash2.0

    Oswalds Mishaps S1E2

    January 14, 2015 by ChubbyDash2.0

    Oswald woke up from behind the crates, after derping around like a fuckin retard. He began to walk and wander around until he found a door labled "Pirate Caverns" He opened the door somehow??? and walked inside. There he found a stairway, halls, and uh anything you would find in an abandoned park, right? He wandered around in there until he found an elevator saying "Meet the Undying!" He decided to take the elevator, and went down into the undyings room. He found a cage, pirate banner, chairs, suits, bones and skulls, just about anything. Until he saw something, red... THE UNDYING!!! "Is that you god?" Oswald asked. The Undying simply stated "     ". Oswald began to eat the undying, thinking that it was a jumbo jolly cherry gummy bear. The…

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  • ChubbyDash2.0

    Oswalds Mishaps S1E1

    January 14, 2015 by ChubbyDash2.0

    One day Oswald was being a lasy arse sitting behind the crates of the abandoned park known as 'Treasure Island'. He heard a noise coming from the hallway, and spotted Bonzi Buddy. "Hello there!' The purple ape greeted. "I don't belive we've been properly introduced.  I'm Bonzi! Whats your name?" Oswald looked in confusion at the spyware monkey. "God... Please help" Oswald preached. Bonzi pulled out a banana and offered it to Oswald. Oswald took it and began peeling the banana with his feet because the poor fucker has no arms. He inhaled the banana and Bonzi suddenly said "I would like to hear your personal information so you can become a fully registered user of Bonzi Buddy!" Oswald had no personal information other than his name. "God..."…

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