• CharlieDaAwesome0

    This is my last wikia account. I had made several accounts before this one, GoldenFoxy3.5, WhiteWindGroup(There were some numbers in the name I've forgotten, also this was my friend's account I made with my email), and CharlieDaAwesome(and 2, 3, and REAL[At the beginning of the name]). All, except REALCharlieDaAwesome, were removed. Probably for being underaged. Not to mention there was some drama (most were not because of me, I just joined/was dragged into some of them). I was a horrible, cringy, piece of shit. Everyday I remember/look back at this shit, and regret everything. I blamed a person for some of the shit, also some people told me it was that person, which it obviously wasn't, but I was really fucking stupid at the time. So if a…

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