I can not do more to bear the news that the game has been canceled want it to be completed! Please Tia if you've really deleted then I implore you again Do it again because it is a game that deserves a great deal is one of the best games I've ever seen in my life and I do not want it to end like this! You and Matthew are the best creators I've ever known since I've created this game there are a lot of passionate and know that a true creator of games although suffers criticism from the stupid people never draws back he always continues to move forward! So please give us a second chance! I know that if you do not regret it and I hope that TwinklePhoenix, Cutupuss, Wyatt, ClockWork, Mr.Keebler, Tobias and Voodoo read what I wrote! You are the best you have done many progress by helping to create the game and give your ideas do not know what I'd do without you all! So Tia continues with the game and ignore all those that cause drama I know you can do it! I trust you!

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