There is no copyright to the game. The game itself is not even its own game, and like I said waaayy before, "anyone can take over if they want to and anyone can go ahead and finish what I've started."

I told the purity sinners that they could take over if they wanted to. But they do not own a copyright. To own a copyright, you need a buisness for the product to stand on, and in order to own the copyright in the first place, it needs to be original.

But seeing as though this is a fangame of BOTH Five Nights at Freddy's AND Abandoned by Disney, it is virtually impossible-.. no, it's completely impossible to own a copyright to this game.

ANYONE can finish this game, and you can use this wiki to do so. As for me, I cannot work on it because my agenda is chocked full of college, work, my girlfriend, and the fighting game I'm working on.

As for the people who claim they own the game and it's characters, I'm looking at you Deb, you do not own them and you will never own them. Nobody will ever own them because they violate other copyright laws if you'd try to own them. And also, if you wanna talk shit behind my back, try turning me around so I can look you in the eye and we can both have a conversation for everyone to enjoy.

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