Alrighty, I think this would be a good idea, but I also think this might backfire somehow, but I wanna try it anyway~

I still have all the files on hand. All of the renditions, and all of the rooms and whatnot~

Now you guys will have to decide for me whether or not you want this to be a thing.

I could leak them out so that anyone could finish the game with the new renders and whatnot and they can try to put it all together. (Although I don't have renders to some other things like the jumpscares. So the link to ALL of the suits will be there too and the maps.)

This is just for anyone who wants to use the old layout, but that's not to say that you guys can't make up your own twist to it, or rather make up your own version of it without the renditions~

It's the majority rule if you want this.