For those newbies on this wiki that wonder why are half of people making this game and etc.,here is whole story:

-Once upon a time,an awesome guy from Devianart named AnArt created this game

-Things were going pretty well

-This wiki was created

-AnArt got some voice actors

-One of voice actors named Tia (Purity Sin by some people,thats her youtube channel) had some ideas,AnArt allowed her to use them

-She changed more than few things,so AnArt was not interested in game anymore so he gave her all rights,and left

-She changed whole game,added other characters,etc.

-But she got into fight with most of users here,so she canceled game on purpuose,made fake info that this wiki will be terminated,and made "Official" wiki,so most of staff left

-She started selling merchandise illegally,she didn't even ask disney for premision.

-She failed,so she left,her wiki was renamed to Unnoficial FNATI Wiki,she was renamed o Groot1 (fits i guess),and she stoped everything.

-Suddenly,AnArt was back! And he let us continue remaking game ourselfs,whatever will we stick to original storyline or not.

-Things got back to normal (well,mostly)

Hope this helps :3

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