I saw that BUNCH of people are remaking this game,so i decided to do so 1 week ago,it will be called FNaTI:Nightmares Alive (it dosn't have to do anything with FNaTI:NBD),it should be on scratch by next week (or till i finish more things),demo should come out somwhere around 31st December (i know its long,but i have school to focus on,and my break will start from December 31st untill February 1st),i don't know when will i release full version.

Things that will be presented in Scratch version:

Suits (duh -_-) Mickey,PN Mickey,Oswald,Ortensia (Ortensia wont move in Scratch version :P) and Goofy.


Early custom night (includes Mickey,Oswald and Goofy only)

Things that will be presented in Demo Version:

More suits (obviously -__-) Donald Duck (body only) and PN Minnie

Vent Sealers

Hidding (50% chance for it to work and 50% not to work)

Easter eggs (Undying,UWF,Suicide Mouse)

Phone Calls

Things that will be presented in Full Game:

Donald duck's head

Lock sistem


Shades (will harm you if you dont hide under your desk,if 2 shades jumpscare you,you die -o-)

Pirate Caverns

Crowbar (Only in Pirate Caverns)

Walking (Only in Pirate Caverns)

Manequins (Only in Pirate Caverns)

Thats all,im not sure that other things will be presented,if you have a question ask me :)

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