part 3 is here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Note: this story is my fiction only

I was in pirate caverns,door was stuck i couldn't get out,then i recived message on my phone that said:crowbar is still there find it and you can go,and don't go in undying's room.What crowbar,What Undying i was thinking,someone is probbably joking with me,so i moved on.Ientered the elevator and pressed up button,but there was that Undying Room,i couldn't go in it but i saw red blob thing with no face,i creeped out and quickly pressed bottom buton,i ran out of elevator i then found an office with Mickey costume under the desk,and crowbar was there,i reached the crowbar and suit pulled he's head up,he's face was like ghost's.He grabbed my leg and he wanted to pull me under desk,but i was faster so i ran out of office and tryed to unstuck door with crowbar,someone hitted me i fell on ground.When i woked up.........................

End of part 3 (finnaly) 2 more parts to go.I actualy need a break from writing those,expect part 4 any time.Bye!

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