Note: this story is my fiction only

Hi im Jake im in Hospital for mental people i will tell you why i am here.

It was winter, i lived with my mom and i needed job, in this times you cant find job,but i was lucky there was place called Treasure Island they needed someone to be nightguard for 5 nights,i was only candidate so i become night guard.I was in my nightguard office eating pizza and watching that place,i noticed that one costume was standing, i was thinking that its coincidence,then it moved again,i was thinking that my friends are joking with me,then i saw note on my desk it said:Dont wory about that costumes that walk around, if they are in your office just pull monitor up.Then my heart start to tick very speedy,then i saw thing like Pluto standng in corner but before i pulled monitor he was gone.Soon it was about to become day,before i ended my shift i saw skull like thing under my desk i screamed and run out, what happened next.....

Sorry this is part one,next part will come when it comes

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