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  • Amir999990


    December 25, 2016 by Amir999990

    Merry christmas to everyone who celebrates it

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  • Amir999990

    Halloween is here!

    October 31, 2016 by Amir999990

    Trick or Treat,smell my feet,give me something good to eat...

    We don't trick or treat here,darn...


    It tastes like...BURNING....

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  • Amir999990

    True story:

    So,i got on Spooky's House of Jumpscares wiki and saw that i wasn't loged in,i tried multiple times but the password was incorrect.So to kill time i went to facebook,and i had a message from my friend (i translated it into english):

    "Hey,i got into your Wikia account,give me 10 KM if you want it back.Im serious *intense bla bla-ing that i can't write*..."

    Luckily,i had 15 KM in my cashy (it saved me for the first timel ol),i gave him money,he apologized,gave me back my account,i changed the password,everything is fine :D

    He didn't cause any havoc luckily,turns out his dad forgot the paycheck and his family needed the money,so yeah..pretty much that would be it..

    I got my account back yesterday,if you wonder :P

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  • Amir999990

    During the Left Behind Era of this wiki,almost everyone left.Some managed to stay,some were inactive for a long time but came back (including meh),but some are still inactive,and hell they were kinda known here

    These are tributtes to inactive ones ;-;

    Cutupuss (Creator of this wiki): December 15th 2014-June 25th 2015.Miss ya :(

    Offline4Now (Only Rollback we have) March 27th 2015-June 28th 2015.Miss ya :(

    Dragonspiller (Chat Mod and Mod) January 29th 2015-November 10th 2015-Miss ya :(

    Gjlewis (Chat Mod) December 19th 2014-July 4th 2015.Miss ya :(

    Freddy Fazwolf7 (Chat Mod) February 20th 2015-December 20th 2015.Miss ya :(

    Gametime8889 (Mod) January 11th 2015-July 18th 2015.Miss ya :(

    Bacon666 (former idk what rank) February 18th 2015-June 11th 2015.…

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  • Amir999990

    Happy Woman's Day!

    March 8, 2016 by Amir999990

    Today is 8th of March,in some Countries known as holiday called Woman's Day!

    So happy woman's day to every female on this wiki :)

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